Corporate Benefits

Proactive efforts of health screening can minimize healthcare costs while maximizing employee attendance, productivity and quality of life.

– Actively manage your healthcare spending through early detection and treatment.

– Decrease absenteeism and increase morale and productivity with a healthier workforce.

– Get data that allows you to target prevention and intervention programs more effectively.

Benefits of In-Office TSH Screening

Convenient: Save time by determining non-hypothyroid patients on the first visit.

Easy to use: Any staff member can perform the test using just one drop of blood from a finger-stick or venous draw.

Rapid: Get results in 10 minutes or less.

Accurate: Be confident with 97.7% precision versus lab results.

Reimbursement: Keep revenue in the office without sacrificing accuracy. Nearly 85% of those tested will have normal TSH levels. Using ThyroChek in your office provides more than 80% returns.

Save time and money for you and your patient. With each test under $10, it is worthwhile to screen first.

CPT Code: 84443 QW, Reimbursement: $23.47

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