Does ThyroChek give a quantitative (number) result?

Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid function, can rob you of energy and cause weight gain. But half the 27 million Americans estimated to have thyroid disease remain under diagnosed.

Why is Detection Important?

Detection is the first step to feeling like yourself again. ThyroChek® Rapid THS Test detects thyroid dysfunction in just one drop of blood, with results in just 10 minutes! It’s rapid TSH testing that can make all the difference.

Why Test for Hypothyroidism?

There are 27 million Americans who have overactive or underactive thyroids. Half remain undiagnosed, and more than 90 percent of them have underactive thyroids or hypothyroidism. The thyroid is the small, butterfly-shaped gland just below the Adam’s apple. It produces hormones that influence every organ, tissue and cell of the body. If the thyroid does not work, the body doesn’t work well either. Thyroid disease is genetic. Left untreated, hypothyroidism can cause elevated cholesterol, infertility, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, lupus and a range of other autoimmune diseases. In fact, 15 to 20 percent of people with diabetes have siblings or parents that are likely to develop thyroid disease. ThyroChek helps doctors, pharmacists and wellness providers answer an important question: Could it be the thryoid?

Does ThyroChek measure T3 or T4 levels?

No. ThyroChek is a screening device that tests for elevated levels of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). Elevated TSH levels are recognized as a likely marker for diagnosing hypothyroidism.

Does ThyroChek give a quantitative (number) result?

ThyroChek is a qualitative test that shows “positive” when TSH levels exceed 5 uIU/ml – the recognized standard for the upper levels of normal TSH. The results will indicate a patient’s abnormally high level of TSH, but not give an actual quantitative value.

Is a positive ThyroChek a definitive diagnosis for hypothyroidism?

ThyroChek is designed to be an initial screening device to aid physicians in the diagnosis of hypothyroidism. If TSH levels report as elevated, it will be the decision of the doctor to do additional blood tests to determine the exact nature of the thyroid problem if TSH levels report as elevated.

Can ThyroChek help to diagnose hyperthyroidism (over-active thyroid)?

ThyroChek is not designed to detect TSH levels low enough to determine hyperthyroidism. TSH Levels are very low or undetectable in hyperthyroidism. This test is only indicated for use in determining elevated levels of TSH.

Information on this site is from, the website of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.